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studying and living in Czechia?

A student visa to the Czech Republic is probably the easiest to process of all long-term visas to the Czech Republic

The rejection rate for student visas is lower than for other types of long-term visas.

Therefore, if you decide to move to the Czech Republic and you are between 16 and 30 years old, then obtaining a student visa is ideal as the first step on your immigration to the Czech Republic.

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Health insurance

Health insurance in the Czech Republic, as in other European countries, is mandatory for all its residents.

Foreigners temporarily or permanently staying in the country are no exception.

Staying without him in the country is a violation of legal norms and is prosecuted administratively.

Why people choose Czech Republic

Образование в чешских государственных вузах бесплатно, в том числе для иностранцев. Одно условие: вы говорите по-чешски. С курсами Association добиться этого довольно просто.

Диплом чешского вуза — топовый. Потому что качество, не надо ни за что платить, а все страны мира, включая США и Канаду, признают его действительность. Чешская Республика может стать трамплином в более развитую страну.v

Это значит, что вам открыты границы более 120 государств мира (в т.ч. США, Бразилия, Австралия) — можно путешествовать или свободно искать работу. Кроме того, в Чехии расположены офисы ведущих компаний и организаций мира, которым как раз не хватает персонала.

Why Czech Republic
How to learn for free in the Czech Republic?

Many did not know that you can learn in czech universities for free!

That is, you do not pay for a bachelor's degree, nor for a master's degree, nor for doctoral studies - the state pays, and foreign students are in an equal position in relation to the Czechs.

Условий для поступления, как правило, два:

  • Need to speak Czech
  • Write entrance exams (but not always - sometimes universities cancel them and take everyone who applied)

If you are graduating from high school in the CIS and have not yet decided where to study in the future, then the Czech Republic is an excellent, even better option.

Why pay tutors to prepare for the Unified State Examination / ZNO and realize that a budget place at your own university is almost impossible, waste your nerves and think about the maximum number of points ... If for much less money you can learn Czech and enter a more qualified university in the European Union?

How to learn for free

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Still have questions?
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