Czech Agricultural University (ČZU)

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Czech Agricultural University (ČZU)

Entering the ČZU campus, you immediately understand that you entered a modern and large-scale university located in a vast green park. It is the third largest university in Prague offering more than 150 Bachelor’s, Masters and doctoral programs. It is also considered the best agricultural university in the Czech Republic. According to statistics, the majority of Russian-speaking students in Prague study there because there are two explanations. The first reason is a wide range of programs (the university offers programs beyond agriculture); the second reason is relatively easy entrance exams (or no entrance exams at all). Many prominent economists of the Czech Republic graduated ČZU including the agricultural chemist Pavel Tlustosh and the economist Miroslav Pohe.

Naturally, the university maintains partnership contacts with foreign universities and scientists. Therefore, ČZU students have the opportunity to travel abroad for international internships in European countries or other countries of the world. The university has six faculties in total.

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22 000
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Faculties and specialties

Faculty of Production and Economics - pef.czu.cz

It is one of the largest and most popular economics departments of the Czech Republic with more than 15 thousand students. According to the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, it is rated as one of the six best economics departments in the country. The graduates of the faculty begin their career in diversified agriculture, sales, services, IT, business companies and government offices. They become leading experts in regional and national agriculture and industry.


  • Systems Engineering and Informatics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Economics and Management
  • Production and Economy
  • Economic Policy and Management
  • Governance and Regional Development
  • Business Administration
  • Economic and Cultural Studies


Technical Faculty  - tf.czu.cz

Founded in 1952, the faculty offers a wide range of programs: agricultural engineering, maintenance of agricultural equipment, transportation, development, implementation and operation of automatic systems in the agricultural and industrial complex, waste management technologies.


  • Urban and intercity transportation
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Agricultural Engineering (English)
  • Information equipment in the agricultural and industrial complex
  • Service maintenance
  • Equipment for Trade and Business
  • Recycling Technology
  • Advanced Technology


Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources  - af.czu.cz

The faculty offers programs in animal agriculture, breeding, crop production, food production, agricultural development, and quality control of agricultural products.


  • Animal Agriculture
  • Veterinary and Rehabilitation of animals
  • Product Quality
  • Cynology
  • Landscape Design
  • Public Administration in Agriculture and Landscaping
  • Urban Landscaping
  • Food Production
  • Landscape Conversion
  • Productive and Ornamental Gardening
  • Meat-Based Food Production
  • Plant-Based Food Production
  • Horse Breeding
  • Exotic Animals Breeding
  • Rural Development
  • Horticulture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Fish farming
  • Gardening
  • Ecological Farming
  • Sustainability of Natural Resources

Faculty of Forestry and Timber Industry - fld.czu.cz

It is a new faculty offering various programs in forestry and timber industry and related economic disciplines.


  • Forestry
  • Timber Industry
  • Economics of Timber Industry
  • Economics of Furniture Industry
  • Economics of Hunting
  • Economics of Forest industry


Faculty of Environmental Studies   - fzp.czu.cz

Founded in 2007, the faculty offers programs in ecology and landscape, planning, etc. Its graduates work in state and municipal departments of environmental protection, planning, environmental protection development, as well as companies dealing with the maintenance and improvement of cities and towns, design and structures, recycling industrial waste.


  • Geographical Systems and GPS locating in Ecology
  • Applied Ecology
  • Territorial Technical and Managerial Administration
  • Water Management
  • Landscape Management

Faculty of Tropical Agriculture - ftz.czu.cz

The faculty offers Bachelor, Master and doctoral programs. Most programs are taught exclusively in English since most students are foreigners from African developing countries. During their studies, students usually have internships at partner universities in EU countries. Practical training in the tropical and subtropical region is available for graduate and doctoral programs.


  • Tropic and Subtropical Farming
  • Tropic and Subtropical Sustainability
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