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In the Czech Republic like in other European countries, all citizens and visitors are required to have medical insurance. There is no exception for foreigners who temporarily or permanently reside in the state.

An insurance is required for obtaining any visa: a tourist visa and a student visa to the Czech Republic. If you do not have medical insurance, you violate the laws and can be penalized administratively.

This health insurance is valid for transit countries and in Schengen countries. It is acceptable for applying for a student visa to the Czech Republic.

Complex health insurance covers a wider range of medical help. You can visit a doctor for diagnostics, for consultation or common diseases.

The cost of comprehensive health insurance varies. It depends on the insurance company because they usually work with different hospitals, clinics and doctors.

When you want to buy complex health insurance, the patient must fill out a health questionnaire or have a medical examination.

Same health insurance is valid only in the Czech Republic, so you will need to take separate health insurance if you plan to travel to other countries. Same health insurance is also acceptable for applying for a long-term Czech visa.

The amount of th insurance limit per insured event must be at least 60,000 EUR (or 30.000 EUR if it’s holiday programme) , fully covered by the insurance company.


Insurance Documents

When you apply for a student visa to the Czech Republic, you have to sign the health insurance contract with an accredited insurance company.

Many insurance companies in the Czech Republic have the right to issue health insurance to foreigners. As a rule, insurance companies in other than Czech Republic countries can provide you with the insurance suitable for a touristic purposes (which would be enough if you attending our holidays programmes). They can provide their customers with insurance only for tourism.

The validity of the health insurance must cover the entire duration of the intended stay, including the whole term of the student visa in the Czech Republic.

Law No. 326/1999 also provides for the requirement for a receipt of payment. In case if the receipt is absent, it means that there is no proof of insurance even if there is a contract.


Assistance of the Educational
Center Association

  • The Educational Center Association assists in obtaining medical insurance in the Czech Republic for application for a long-term student visa following the requirements of both the law of the Czech Republic. We offer health insurance discounts to all the clients of the educational center who use our service.
  • If you are interested in our assistance, please indicate it when completing the application form or contact the managers directly for advice.
  • The Center cooperates with various insurance companies (IPA, Slavia, VZP). We offer a free consultation, answer your questions and customise health insurance policy for your needs.
  • You pay for Health Insurance by an invoice at the same time as you pay (prepay) for tuition.
  • After making the payment, we will mail you all the necessary documents required for applying for a student visa.

What type of health insurance is required of students applying for a long-term visa to the Czech Republic?

Only primary health insurance is required when you apply for a period of fewer than six months or a residence permit for less than 12 months.

In other cases, the Czech Consulate may require complex medical insurance.

Visa Extention in the Czech Republic

A complex health insurance policy is required for the visa extension in the Czech Republic.

To obtain complex health insurance, you need to fill out a health questionnaire, provided by the staff of the Educational Center Association.

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Still have questions?
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