University of Masaryk, Masarykova univerzita

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University of Masaryk, Masarykova univerzita

Masaryk University is the first in Brno and the second largest university in the Czech Republic, founded by the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Before the Second World War, it developed slowly, and during the Nazi occupation, it lost a quarter of the teaching staff - they were simply executed. After that, the rise began: new faculties were opened, and the university gradually grew into a huge institution, where both Czech and foreign students now merge - today there are more than 35 thousand of them.

In 2005, Masaryks University received the European EUNIS Elite Award for his information system - they were the first to create a modern website and electronic database that are not inferior, and in some respects even surpass the best Western universities. By the way, the university looks like a Western one: chic glass campuses, huge libraries, gyms and comfortable hostels - and all this, of course, is free, because education in the Czech Republic in the Czech language is basically free.

In addition, Masarikov sets up international cooperation with foreign universities so that students have the opportunity to practice or learn foreign languages ​​in other EU countries, the USA, Canada or Australia.

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Faculties and specialties

Faculty of Medicine - www.med.muni.cz

Consists of 66 institutes and clinics.

The Faculty Hospital of St. Anna, the Faculty Children's Hospital in the Black Police, the Faculty Hospital in Brno with a hospital area in Bohunice, the maternity hospital in Obilny Trgu - in general, students always have a place to practice. Undergraduate specializations are:

  • Obstetrics nursing
  • Dietetics
  • Optics and optometry
  • Orthoptics
  • Radiological assistance
  • Dental hygiene
  • Physiotherapy

Faculty of Education - www.ped.muni.cz

The main direction is the training of primary and secondary school teachers in selected specialties. The directions are divided into ordinary school subjects - mathematics, fine arts, foreign languages, history, etc.

Faculty of Natural History - sci.muni.cz

One of the first faculties of Masaryk university, which, thanks to its research profile, provides students with the opportunity to receive higher education, closely related to fundamental and applied research in the field of: mathematics physics chemistry biology geology It includes 13 institutes, and about four thousand students study in them.

Faculty of Informatics - fi.muni.cz

One of the youngest faculties with more than two thousand students.


  • Informatics
  • Computing networks and communications
  • Computing systems and data processing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language
  • Processing Computer graphics and image processing
  • Mathematical computer science
  • Parallel and distributed systems
  • Programmable Embedded Systems Applied
  • Informatics bioinformatics Informatics in public administration
  • Computer science and second specialization Graphic design social informatics

Faculty of Social Sciences - fss.muni.cz

Popular with political scientists and international affairs.


  • Humanitarian environmental studies
  • Humanities Studies
  • Media Studies and Journalism
  • Political science
  • European studies Security
  • Research and Strategy
  • International relationships
  • International regional studies psychology
  • Social policy and social work
  • State policy and personnel social work
  • Sociology
  • Gender studies social anthropology

Faculty of Physical Education - fsps.muni.cz

An excellent faculty who sees themselves in sports management. Here they train to be judges in football and hockey, coaches in more than 20 sports disciplines, teachers and much more.

Faculty of Philosophy - phil.muni.cz

One of the main humanities faculties in the Czech Republic. Today it includes more than 20 departments and institutes, and the total number of students is 10 thousand people.


  • Archeology
  • Humanitarian studies (foreign language + literature)
  • Historical sciences regional studies
  • Pedagogy
  • Philology
  • Philosophy

Faculty of Economics and Management - econ.muni.cz

The first faculty of Masarikov, opened after the Velvet Revolution. Directions: Informatics in business Economics (plus foreign language and country orientation) Finance and Accounting Faculty of Law - law.muni.cz Founded in 1919.


  • Public administration
  • Cadastral management
  • General public administration
  • Department of Social Protection
  • Financial management
  • Theory and practice of criminal and administrative process
  • Legal Specializations
  • The highest official in law
  • International Trade Law Studies
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