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Association was created about 10 years ago
ECA is the best choice to study in Europe

It all began with the consulting of students coming to the Czech Republic to study.

Having work experience in educational and consulting market we understand what this market needs, we know all the details of work with students from different countries and as a result we decided to open our own Czech language school.

At present Association educational center is an affiliated institution of Center for Continuing Education at J.E.Purkyne University.

The personnel of our language school are experienced and responsible, they like challenges, they like working with young people and implementing new ideas and projects. As J.E.Purkyne University that we are closely cooperating with, we believe that a good teacher is not the one who explains and checks the tasks, a good teacher is the one who can spark student's interest and show him or her the beauty of the subject, namely language.

Throughout the life of the Association educational center the number of students has increased by more than 10 times as well as the number of personnel as in 2014 we grew not only in numbers but in premises - our educational center moved into new classrooms that can comfortably accommodate the required number of students.

Association educational center organizes language courses in cooperation with Jan Evangelista Purkyne State University. Together with the University our center offers language and specializations preparatory courses in Prague or Usti nad Labem that is situated on the north of the country, 80 kilometers from the capital. According to the statistics Purkyne University is one of the largest universities of the Czech Republic.

Purkyne State University is cooperating with Association educational center on language and specialization training of former CIS countries students as our country needs well-trained students and professionals.

Why people choose Association ?

1000+ Admitted to state and private universities

After completing our courses, our students effortlessly gain admission to both state and private universities in the Czech Republic, appreciating the accessible cost, comfortable conditions, and the quality of educational programs. We take pride in the high level of knowledge demonstrated by our students.

Comfortable Classrooms and Relaxation Areas. Developed infrastracture.

Our center boasts a developed infrastructure, surrounded by various historical landmarks, quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants. Additionally, within our center, you will experience maximum comfort – cozy relaxation areas and spacious classrooms create a conducive environment for learning and acquiring new knowledge.

We provide comprehensive support for students – both before and after arrival

Our educational center ensures students enjoy the utmost comfort. With us, you can rest assured that your education in the Czech Republic will be of the highest standard. Prospective students can undergo preparatory courses, facilitating admission to both private and state educational institutions. Furthermore, the cost of education is significantly lower compared to many countries

Opportunity to obtain FREE Education in Czech language

After completing our courses, you will have the opportunity to enroll in any university in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our effective methodology, prospective students can successfully gain admission to both private and state institutions in any field of study. We provide full support, and during your studies at our center, you will be able to find the perfect option that suits you.

Maximum success of our Students in entrance exams

Following their education with us, students consistently achieve outstanding success in entrance exams. Our unique educational materials, courses led by native speakers, and the use of effective programs empower our students to excel. We are confident that after studying with us, you will undoubtedly gain admission to any university of your choice!

 Diverse and Unique Language programs led by native speakers

At our center, you can enroll in unique, engaging, and diverse programs that allow you to quickly master a foreign language. It's important to highlight that all our programs are developed directly by native speakers, ensuring you acquire excellent pronunciation from the very start.

Exciting sports and cultural programs

Engaging cultural and sports programs await you. We offer our prospective students walks through parks, visits to historical landmarks, and guided excursions. Embracing an active lifestyle in the city center is not only encouraged but rest assured, with us, you won't experience a dull moment!

Convenient location – in the heart of Prague

Conveniently situated, our educational center is located near Wenceslas Square in the heart of Prague.

Our team of professionals
Elena Dumchus
Project manager
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Unique educational programmes

Language courses arranged by Association educational center are developed in cooperation with Center for Continuing Education at J.E.Purkyne Universitythat has been working in this area for more than twenty years.

Use of educational materials

At Czech language classes a lot of care and additional materials are used, they are prepared by the teachers of the center: grammar exercises, newspaper and magazine articles, games, audio materials.

Knowledge control

To control knowledge we arrange different tests, review works as well as semester exams. Academic performance of students is closely monitored by teachers who are demanding and strict to an extent. All this gives good results while enrolling to the Czech higher educational institutions.

Practical method

We believe that the language learning process should also beinteresting– such approach gives better results and encourages students to study at home as well as practicing language in everyday life especially that the Czech language courses in the Czech Republic make it possible. Therefore students are offered movies, songsof Czech singers, information about culture and traditions of the modern Czech Republic as teaching materials.

Universities where our students entered
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