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I have only good things to say about learning with ECA!

This one year flew by very quickly. But all the things I learned in the past year are simply too many to count. A lot of interesting things were shown to us and we really learned Czech quite quickly. Besides the basic language courses we went to various excursions with our teachers, who told us a lot about the history of Czech Republic.

I am glad I chose ECA Prague

I would like to express my gratitude to the educational center "Association" for their help in learning the Czech language, solving the problems that arose during my stay in the Czech Republic for the first year (the number of which, thanks to the "Association", was minimal).

I really liked the selection of teachers in the educational center.

I really liked the selection of teachers in the educational center. They are all different, and everyone has a different teaching method, it may seem wrong - but it is not. Because of this, study turns out to be "variegated" and versatile. I think that assignments (both homework and classwork) should be large in volume. More work should be given for home study.

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