How can you get into Škoda private university without any enter exams? 

Škoda Auto University (ŠAVŠ) is one of the best private universities in the Czech Republic. It’s enough to check the student’s reviews to understand that. Maybe it’s because graduates are employed in auto enterprises or dealerships immediately after receiving a diploma. Moreover, already during their studies they undergo a paid internship at Skoda itself, Bentley Motors Ltd, the Volkswagen concern, and so on.

ŠAVŠ participate in the Erasmus programme: students can take a semester to study in another country.

The university is a subsidiary of the global auto concern. There can be a deceptive impression that they learn to work at the factories. However, this is not how it is in reality. Skoda has a strong economic base with a focus on management and administration (you can study programmes here). When choosing this university, be aware that mathematics will be the main subject throughout the entire course of study. Additionally, students choose to learn two foreign languages, for example, English and German.

The head office of the university is located in the city of Mladá Boleslav, in the same place as the auto concern. A few years ago a branch of the university was opened in Prague. It is located at Ekonomická 957 (Chodov metro station).

All the current costs of education in both English and Czech you can find here

You can be accepted in the university without any entrance examinations, just on the basis of nostrification of your school certificate or diploma. Training is conducted in both Czech and English. The main thing is to submit and pay an application fee until April 30, 2019 (;lang=en). Application fee is 350 CZK. In other universities, twice as expensive - from 500 to 700 crowns.

If the application is submitted on time, then you can be enrolled in the university already in September. Which is very convenient for those who are still rushing around with the choice of a future specialty.

University website:

Just a quick fact: The average salary of employees at the Skoda - 46-55 thousand crowns per month. All employees annually receive a bonus – 13th salary. This year it is 65 thousand crowns (before taxes). This is reported by local media, with reference to the trade union organization.

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