Yevgenia Stankevich, student EСА Prague 2015-2016

Live, change and mainly choose ECA Prague!

I am in my sixth month of study at the Association Education Center. From the first day we are accompanied in life in the Czech Republic by the team of the Education Center. I like that we were divided into groups depending on the language level, because many of us had already learned Czech before coming to the courses. I studied in the strongest group (A) and I am very glad that I got into this group, where the most motivated and responsible students gathered - this is a great incentive to learn! The system is such that if you write excellent tests for lectures, you are transferred to a higher group and vice versa. Each group has its own teacher, but another teacher leads 2 times a week. Such a system allows not to get used to the same accent, voice and manner of speech, but to distinguish between different Czech speech. During my studies, we had 3 additional tests, similar to those that will be on the final exam in Czech. This is also important, because this is how we understand in what format the exam is to be taken and at what level of the Czech language we are now (A1, A2, B1, B2). All trial tests were quite successful, and I'm sure this is largely the merit of our teacher - Blanka Svatbova. Thanks to her vast experience in scientific activities (PhD), it is interesting to communicate with her not only because you improve your Czech language skills, but also because she is an incredibly intellectual person who always, every lesson teaches us something new. Her teaching methodology is inseparable from examples from life experience, and these personal stories strongly bring the team and the teacher closer together. In addition, she always refers to us as "You" and calls us colleagues. This democratic approach creates the most important thing in the learning process - the desire to learn. And if you want - everything is possible, right? The first time I realized that I could speak Czech was a conversation club with Jiří. It's a shame that I was able to get into only one conversation club and that one before the holidays. I think speaking clubs are the most important part of learning a language. Yes, it is better, of course, when a student is lucky and gets to know Czechs in public places. But it's not so easy for everyone. Either the Czechs came across to me too closed, or I can’t find a common language with them, I don’t even know. Only here at the conversation club I really started talking for the first time. So the idea of ​​such a practice, in my opinion, should be developed further!) In addition to Czech lessons, we attend blocks according to our chosen profession (economics, English, humanitarian, technical, medical). I go to the economic unit and there is already a slightly different atmosphere here than in Czech lessons. Mathematics is taught by Vaclav Janouszk (master, graduated from the Higher School of Economics). Here it is important to understand that the system of studying mathematics in Ukraine (Russia) differs significantly from the system in the Czech Republic. But the main thing is to catch the essence of the decision, then everything falls into place.  Such changes to the new always affect us, change our view of the world and make us stronger. So live, change, learn, make your dreams come true and choose ECA Prague :)

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