Diana Sadykova

Educational center "Association" is not just an educational institution, but a family for each of us.

I, like many of those who study here, lacked parental presence at the beginning, but the staff of the educational center made every effort to make us feel at home, and they succeeded. For us, the adaptation went well, thanks to our curators, who managed to tell and show a lot in such a short time. Any time we contacted them, they always answered responsively and did everything so that we did not need anything. Also, various programs were arranged for us: excursions, a trip to the zoo, quests, which were not only impressive, but also helped to unite groups and students with each other. And so that we are always informed and up to date, various presentations are held that help us in everyday life. In our school, studying is not a burden, but a joy! Wonderful teaching staff, with whom every lesson goes with a bang, that we are looking forward to the next one. The material that they give us is very understandable and accessible. Our school is one big family!

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